Aspects of Anatolian Linguistics

In the week from 6th to 13th we are most pleased to welcome prof. Craig H. Melchert in Prague in person and to use the opportunity to listen to 9 lectures on Aspects of Anatolian Linguistics. All who are interested are welcome to come on Monday the 6th at 16,00 to Celetná 20, room C 335 (3rd floor). The lectures are also available online )for those who are outside of Prague. Find below the link to first lecture as well as the time table and the tentative schedule. in case of questions, do not hesitate to contact

Dita Frantikova


Monday 6th Nov 16-17,30 – C335 (in Celetná, 3rd floor). MS Teams.

Tuesday 7th Nov 10-12 and 13-15 – C335 (in Celetná, 3rd floor). MS Teams.

Thursday 9th Nov 9-10,30 Ron Kim –  C503 (in Celetná, 4th floor). MS Teams.

10,45-12,30 Craig Melchert – C136 (in Celetná, 1st floor). MS Teams.

Monday 13th Nov 10-13 – CM204 (in Celetná, 2nd floor). MS Teams.

(these topics will be covered, and the speed will depend on the needs and interests of the students.)

Anatolian Languages in Time and Space
Hittite Writing
Hittite Phonology Outline
Hittite Nominal Morphology
Hittite Verbal Morphology
Hittite Syntax
Internal Hittite Diachrony
Other IE Anatolian Languages
Anatolian Historical Grammar

Online access (MS Teams)

Booklets for lectures




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